Happy Me! (The first cut off version)

Office and school are both stressful and your regular routine could sometimes be very boring. So let me share something that I’ve learned for the past couple of years.

Let’s kill the boredom and chase bad vibes away!


Happy Fingers:

Nail colors are a fun and an easy way to shoo boredom away! Try energetic colors like Orange and Neons. I my self visits the salon at least once a month to prep my fingers. And every week I try to change the nail colors my self. Also nail arts are funky!


Color ‘em:

Also, adding up a positive color to your look is a plus!  Even simple and basic accessorizing has it’s own perky effect! Check out my crush: Bestie Konisis – http://lookbook.nu/thecapriciousclub






Live it on a high:

Each month or whenever I’m in a good deal, I’d try to invest in some high heels. They do have their own secrets too. They give you more confidence.

Check out this latest luxury for less of the month: A Primadonna Shoes that looks like the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood!

 Listen Up:

The best way to start, continue and end the day is listening to some music. A groovy music will never fail to make your day. Here are my sample playlist:

Payphone – Maroon 5 

Groovin’ Magic – Round Table ft Nino 

Seventh Heaven – L’Arc~en~ciel (Yes, LSS since March 😀 Fangirling!)

Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen

I Love you like a love song Baby – Selena Gomez 

Starship- Nicki Minaj 



Make up does wonders. Agree? Even a simple make makes a diff’rence. Try it yourself.

Try this Michelle Phan Simple Make Up!

Also, changing hairstyles everyday can be an effort, but try to see the results.  Having the same hairstyle everyday can be boring. So why not try preppy ponytail today and then gorgeous curls tomorrow?

Check out Daven Mayeda for more hair styles and trivia! http://www.youtube.com/user/davenmayeda


Spray it on:

Scents have own magic too. Wear something refreshing to boost up your day. I’m currently using a citrusy D&G Light Blue inspired scent from my office friend.



How to start your day awesome? SMILE FOR YOURSELF! It can be damn silly to do so. But it’d make you happy even more, especially when you look at your darn pretty face! 😉






Happy Happy you! 😉


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