Failed to Fulfill my dream

Hi! This is Orleen, taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management in Leyte Normal University Tacloban City, a 3rd Year College student.

Since I started studying in Leyte Normal my objective is to take my OJT abroad someday, and until now I’m still hoping dor it to be real.  To be able to achieve my dream and taking my OJT ABROAD is one of my dreams and I want to accomplish it aside from finishing my studies.

Now I am a 3rd year student and we’ve got already our orientation for the OJT PROGRAM.  I already took up the exam and the interview without my parents knowing . Because if ever I passed I want to surprise them. Before I take the exam I seek for the Lord’s sign. And when the result was released to the Dean Officer and post it in the Bulletin Board that  surprised me- I was on the list who passed the exam and the Interview. And I thought it was the sign that I asked from God. I actually gave all my best just to pass the exam.

So when I reported the result of the exam to my parents they were really shock. Well actually they’re not shocked with the fact that I nailed the exam but they are shock for the big cost that’s in-lined with the OJT.  I need a huge amount to be able to go OJT abroad. But when my parents told me that I do not need the OJT abroad, tears filled in my eyes. I cried because I am extremely disappointed to achive my  dreams due to the financial matters.

Now while posting this story of mine I can not stop from crying, cause I think that that dream of mine is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve.

This OJT can help me to sharpen my leadership skills and to become more mature and responsible.  After all it is not about earning money, its about the ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE than can be treasure forever. And all of those dreams has been put on hold.

I wasn’t able to achieve my dream of having my OJT abroad,,


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