Happy Me – Hello August!

The things that brings the sunshine to my heart.. although it’s been raining out there. 😉



Samsung PL20 – When I lost my Samsung Wave baby I felt like I lost half of my life.  Taking photos of almost anything I see is part of my daily life. I’ve been searching for months and months for something that could replace my baby- and voila! I met this cutie at the mall. 14.2 mega pixels; 5x zoom; Smart Shot setting; elegant design; amazing price.. What’s not to hype? 😉 And I named him.. Baby Shutter! 🙂






Crush – It’s been a year now since I admitted of falling for this IT guy. It’s been a long time ago when I last felt my knees dropped when I met his gaze… But what’s with this guy who makes me cry for nothing, makes me happy in a very unknown way, that makes my heart beat faster every time I see a smiley beside his hello’s? I don’t know! ❤

Here’s the blog dedicated to him: Dear Crush







Candy Magazine– Back March of this year when I stopped reading the magazine because I felt like it does not suit me anymore. But with those 2 months I felt like in need for some coloring in my daily life. And so I went back reading it.  Now I’m a 4 year old candy. Indeed, once a candy girl… always a candy girl! The best-est friend ever- no doubt! ❤





L’Arc~en~ciel – I know I’ve been a newly acclaimed fan girl for 5 months now. Well, what’s not to go gaga over this band? Amazing music style… awesome members… unique and great songs nothing could over compared of… hot and gorgeous and beautiful vocalist.. and so on and so fort… 😉







Retail Therapy– I’ve sworn to Roz Bailey when I first read her Girl’s Night Out in 2010. And finding this 3rd Bailey book by accident makes me feel destined to meet it. Because baby- I’ve been a pretty spender since I got my new job! 😀










Happy Happy you! 😉



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