In my 20 years of existence,I’ve been through so much pain…
I’ve suffered setbacks & terrible losses,And my hard work were all in vain. I’ve tasted a million bitter moments,Most of which got the best of me…The darkest clouds covered my young days,And hope was something I could barely see

  she is the reason Why I am still here today…she held my had, held it tight And she stood by me all the you I found my strength And the will to survive & to live…
she taught me to overcome my circumstances,
And to make the most of what life will give.
On this special day to her  I would like to express in words,How important her presence is to me. she have always been a constant source of guidance,A Source of support and encouragement,And a source of light during times of darkness.

she turned my troubles into experiences,From which I learned a great many things…And my bitter moments into sweet memories,Which showed me the miracle that a mother’s love brings.

Dear mom, in you I learned the power of prayer,And the power of my dreams too…I learned to trust in myself & in others,And to always keep my faith in God too,


she taught me to love & accept myself,Entirely for who I am…To embrace my strengths, work on my weakness,And to be the person man I can become. ,,

My dearest mom, I love you,And I‘ll forever be thankful for having you….

I pray that God will always bless you,And I pray that , I’ll be a great mom just like you!

I love you ma!.. I am so Lucky to have you,,

> Orleen <


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