Dream come true with Lee min Ho

Last November 16,2012 the much awaited event occurred in my life, which is the #GlobalBenchesseterfunmeet with Lee Min ho.

As a new endorser of the  most major clothing company in the Philippines he will go the country to meet his Fans,

Since I found out he was going to the Philippines last  June, I tried all my best to save my money just to simply go to event.

Since I’m from Leyte, I need to travel to Manila via, Zest Air, I left Tacloban on November 16,2012 6:45 a.m when i was in travel going to Manila, I can not explain the joy I feel extremely feel,that i will see him,in person.  I arrived at the NAIA terminal 2 around 7:15 a.m, since I do not know manila,my sister took me there at the Airport, I just accessibility manila I immediately go  to Araneta to  exchange  the invite my ticket from Bench, a big thanks to sis Rc my minoz friend, because he converts my ticket  because I need another line up.

My self   talked me there trail, the lack of sleep, tired, hungry ,All that is exceeded  just to see him in person but all of that is worth it , when i  saw  him in the Smart Araneta Coliseum, even I am too far with him, because i am seated in the Lower Box,  I still feel  the fun and excitement, I am really emotional at that Time, that once in my life I saw my ultimate idol Lee Min Ho in person, he lost .all of my scrolls worn at that moment

Also thank you to my Minoz Friend, , The best thing that happens during the visit of Lee Min Ho , is finding new friends and deeper friendship with my Minoz sisters. Thanks for the support and care, during the time of my hardship but all are gone by overwhelming happiness when I saw him.. this is just a beginning of our friendship, I am hoping to see them again soon,  … when Lee Min ho  will come  back soon …

Also a Big thanks to my sister Kathleen for taking care of me, when I was in Manila, she is the one who, is with me going to the Event of Minho,

Seeing Lee min Ho in person is the most unforgetable moment, in my life, even I am failed to get near with him, I am contented for seeing him,

Thank you Lee Min Ho for inspiring me always, for giving my Vitaminho when I walk up every morning, I am your Fan, no matter what.

And also Thank you to Sir Ben Chan, for making minoz dream come true,.

I am, orleen_minoz, a Fan Girl of Lee Min ho,,

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