Happy Me: January 2013

Aloha! Been a while since I last shared about my monthly happy thoughts and hopefully won’t miss a single month this year!

So to start with 2013, and yay HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here are the things that I giddy for this month.

Getting Inspirations from: Candy Magazine Dec 2012-Jan 2013 issue


This magazine has been my bestest friend ever since 2008, and it hasn’t failed me yet! I love the special features section where it talks about changing a new from good to better to best! Positivity Plan is a must!


Just Read: Prince of Dreams by Nancy McKenzie


In love with the movie Troy? Or can’t get over from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? Well then, this 21st gen adaptation of the works of Beroul, Gottfried von Strassburg and Sir Thomas Malory is a total page turner set in the epic days of Britain. A story of love, betrayal and redemption, it is.


Saying: Thank you

I know this is something new to this topic. But sin’t it what happy thoughts meant?

Saying thank you sincerely is healthy to any heart. Say thank you to the maid who attends to you and your family, cooks for you when mom can’t,  does laundry, cleans the house and even your room. Or the jeepney, tricycle or taxi driver who dropped you off at your destination safely or to anyone who deserves it. Say it and mean it; not for a mean reason. Because bitterness is rudeness, baby! 😉


Listening to: Marina and the Diamonds

Michelle Phan introduced most of us to her through the halloween make up video. Who cares if she somehow sounds like Katty Perry? Her songs are very err.. I can’t even put them into words. Go listen to her Electra Heart album or visit her official youtube channel!

Watching: Phineas and Ferb @ Disney Channel

Who cares if the episodes are just on loop that I already know the story line, script and even sings-along to the songs? Afterall being part of the never ending summer is just A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!

Stalking (And I don’t mean my crush’s facebook profile, which I.. oh well… do! :D) Kryz Uy, Vern Enciso and Chriselle Lim

Src's: Kryz Uy, Vern Enciso and Chriselle Lim's sites

Src’s: Kryz Uy, Vern Enciso and Chriselle Lim’s sites

These fashion bloggers are a must check-DAILY! Hit subscribe on their sites and receive precious updates!


Eating: Edo Pack  (Chocolate-Almond) from Japan Home Centre


Two loves in one bite size food! Say healthy pleasure! ❤


Applying: Clear Skin Acne Advanced Spot Control by Avon


This product has 2% Salicylic Acid which is the main and active ingredient of it, lets my pimples dry and clear out dark spots.


What are you loving this month? Share them to us!




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