Happy Me: Lonely Valentines Day Buster 101

NO BITTERELLAS (Bitter Cinderellas) ALLOWED! Because you don’t have to sob in your room and wait like it’s  December 21, 2012 again- which is by the way NONSENSE!

As a member of the SINGLES Club and NBSB (No boyfriend since birth), Valentines day used to be a problem to me. But now, who needs a boyfriend when you can celebrate it alone, with friends or with family? Here are just some of the basic things I normally do… and please add SHOPPING in the list… by the way. 😉

READ: Why you’re still single by Evan Marc Kutz  and Linda Holmes


If you don’t know the answer to the very common  question and your friends’ mouths are also zip, then probably this book has the answer to your situation.  Lonesome-free and Bitter-free. This book will give you reality in a humorous way.

(Still looking for Ronald Molmisa’s Singles Edition of Lovestruck. I loved the First edition of the book)

LISTEN: Only You by CeeLo Green and Luria Mae

Uh, I know this song is meant to be for someone who really makes you better. But really, does YOU has to always be associated with a guy or something? Let’s try YOU as to YOURSELF instead? “Only you can make it better, put me back together. Come on baby, let’s be real

WATCH: Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl


Have a TV Marathon or a movie marathon (Twilight all over again, anyone?) and swoon over and over and over and over to the hot Caleb, the brooding Damon and the oh so handsome Chuck! Who needs boyfriends to roll their eyes over chic flicks and TV series like these? NOT ME- either YOU!

Visit: http://singlegirlstories.tumblr.com/


Read daily stories of single girls and  realize NO, YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE LEFT! Plus, you can share your’s too! See the giddy smileys on their notes once they re-blogged it! 😉

GET INSPIRED: Candy Mag Feb ish


You heard me, this magazine has been the bestest companion for 4 years! And this month’s singles special is a must read! ❤

LEARN: How to Prep


Being single doesn’t mean no one is interested in you, so you don’t need to pile up tons of clothes and furs and apply heavy lady gaga make ups just to let guys know how much interesting you are! Though what’s inside matters most all the time, knowing how to prettify yourself is a plus! Let Michelle Phan and Chrisille Lim take care of us then! 😉

If you have hundreds of reasons to hide in your shell on the 14th, let me give you just a couple of ideas to give you thousands of reasons to enjoy and have fun on V-day! 😉

Happy Valentines Day, lovely!





*Credits: Damon [http://tvrecappersanonymous.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/shirtlessness-is-godliness-my-take-on-the-top-ten-tv-bods/] | Caleb [http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/caleb-rivers/images/28341160/title/fan-art-fanart] | Chuck [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Bass] | Single Girl Stories [ http://singlegirlstories.tumblr.com/] | Michelle & Chriselle [http://telltalegirl.tumblr.com/post/2689527210]


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