Love Blossoms By, K.Will Promoted by Lee Min Ho in Twitter

Last Night while im scrolling in Twitter, I saw Lee Min Ho busy retweeting the tweet from His Fans, and one of his Fans Tweeted that She Cant sleep she ask Lee Min Ho, How? and The Korean Actor replied try to listen this Love Blossoms by k.Will its effective, feeling is like viewing the flowers, have a good dream.” and as a Fan Girl of Lee Min Ho I searched that song in Youtube, and listen it, I was amazed and surprised that song is very Nice, so its true that its effective, haha 🙂
While listening that song We found out with my sister that, On April 4, K.Will released his anticipated album, The 3rd Album Part 2, including his title song, Love Blossom.So in short LeeMinHo promoted that song through FanTalk in twitter, and we the Minoz found out that wow, K.Will is the friend of Lee Min Ho so that Lee Min Ho promoted it,LeeMinHo is such a Nice Friend, he did not fail because that song is Nice, lets call it Stress Re leaver because of that Ballad Song.
And now done dowloading that song,

The music video for Love Blossom is also receiving much love with K.Will’s first appearance in his own music video, as well as Infinite’s L and SISTAR’s Dasom.
K.Will will bring spring to the stage in his comeback on Mnet’s M Countdown on April 4.



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