JULIAN HOON: A Sudden Death of a fan, a dearly friend, a family.

The early death of this young promising person shocked his Minoz Family. It makes us slip into a depressive mood, it also makes us philosophical making us aware transitory nature of earthly happenings. Though the feeling of attachment does not stay with us for long, it still manages to evoke sensitivity that makes us face to face the reality of our vain pursuits.


I am talking about the death of Julian Eymard Zagada a.k.a JULIAN HOON. A certified Minoz. A 22 year old guy who died last MAy 25, 2013 due to a failure in his  kidney. We  do not accept that  he left among us and in the presence of his family at this very young age.


Anyone turn to forget a fanboy named Julian Hoon. A fan of Lee Min Ho. Seldom resent such men would be proud of being minoz and a fan of Lee Min Ho.


Last November 16, 2012, Lee Min Ho visited the Philippines with the coordination of the best clothing company in the country named BENCH. During his visit, there was an event called THE BENCHSETTER FUN MEET held at the Araneta Coliseum. On the day of the event itself, there was a LOOKALIKE contest which features those fans who looks like Lee Min Ho.  Julian Hoon was one of those selected ones to participate because we can not necessarily just assume that he doesn’t have any similarities with Lee Min Ho, because he has.


He started idolizing Lee Min Ho during the City Hunter, which is also aired in the Philippines. He imitates all the actions, facial expressions and even the pose of Lee Yoon Sung(Lee Min Ho’s character in the tv show).


Ironically some of  the Minoz  have met him already, but me.  I have not even met him in person, though we chat over text, phone call, and video call more often.  I know he’s a good man. He has a big heart. And he is an open-hand person.



Here in the Philippines we have a text clan named MINOZ CLAN PH. Through the clan, Julian and Kate met. And after a month they have developed feelings for each other, should we call it a “MU’ (Mutaual Understaning)? Or a Couple already? Whatever is it between them, I know that they really love each other. We even gave them a love team name. The JUL-KEITH.

There was a time that Julian sent Kate a package. Inside are shirts from BENCH .


Before  Julian sent this package to Kate, she requested that when he sent this to her, she requested him to include even withered petals of a rose, but Julian said: ” SORRY! I AM NOT ROMANTIC.”  He is not a romantic Guy! BUT HE IS A GOOD MAN.

Kate also gave Julian a Polo from BENCH as a gift. In fact his family chose this shirt to wear this in his grave. Image



He always shares his favorites song the UNSTOPPABLE by Son Han Byul.


When he was still alive, he even jested a  request that if he die, he  wanted a song to be tended a his funeral music. That song is SO GOODBYE; a  City Hunter Official Soundtrack.


If man were immortal he could be perfectly sure of seeing the day when everything in which he had trusted should betray his trust and in short of coming eventually to hopeless misery he would break down at last, as every good fortune, as every dynasty, as every civilization, In place of this we have death.


We count it a privilege to have developed a friendship with Julian over the past five months. He shared his stories and dreams with me and he shared his gifts with the world.

Julian, you will be dearly missed!

Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and friendship. We  gain hope knowing that you are with God and that we will see you again in heaven one day. You lived your life for Jesus, and now you can enjoy the presence of God.


His body is at the St Anthony Church Bukid Manila.

Julian’s memorial service will be held on Sunday, June 2,2013 .

Orleen ^^


5 thoughts on “JULIAN HOON: A Sudden Death of a fan, a dearly friend, a family.

  1. Aww I remember him. I used to glance at him while we, promo winners, were on the waiting area during the fanmeet last Nov 😦

  2. I have seen this post on our tumblr page, shared by another Minoz – may he rest in peace! I remember him from the event when LMH was here in Manila. So sad to know a Minoz passing. Our prayers and thoughts to his family.

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