Hello there! Yeh, it’s been a while since my last faves. And since I’m already super behind the schedule allow me to borrow some photos. 😀

ANd so, lo and behold “some”, yes just some of my summer favorites!

Eating: Halo-halo

Photo: foodaddictofficial.tumblr.com

Filipino’s favorite summer desert. Summer in the Philippines won’t be complete without this sweet heaven!


Reading: (1) Reader’s Digest Knowledge Quest: The Ancient World

Photo: readersdigestdirect.co.in

Because summer for me means sucking in more fun facts and stacking in more knowledge for my future use. 😉

(2) Candy Mag 150th Issue (April 2013)

Photo: whosdatedwho.com

More pages, more articles, more fun! My favorite? The written interview with my girl crush: Selena Gomez who is again the Cover girl for my birthday! It felt like, the issue was released for me. Congratulations candy and wish you more 150 issues!


Watching: Animax

Photo: nairaland.com

Tuning in to Fairy Tail, Eureka Seven AO and Belzeebub is really cool! Thanks to my younger sibs for letting g me enjoy my very own tv moment every morning.


Snapping with: Samsung PL20

Photo: clickbd.com

I have been very proud of my attempts to photography since I met this cutie-pie. My baby shutter takes amazing photos! My favorite feature is the Smart Settings which needs no adjustments, just press the shutter and voila, Wonderful photo up!


Listening: Love Blossom by K. Will

This sweet Korean song reminds me of the beautiful cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Thanks to Lee Min Ho for tweeting it! I could listen to this song the whole day. And I’m no joking because this became a bonding with my younger sister-Orleen who is the one-huge fan of Lee Min Ho.


Singing: Phineas and Ferb’s Theme

Hah, summer! And if I were Candace, I would cooperate with my bro’s in finding a good way to spend it. Like maybe building a rocket or fighting a mummy or climbing at the Eiffel tower. Discovering something that doesn’t exist or giving the monkey a shower… surfing tidal waves, creating nanobots and locating… hmmkay will stop now… Frankenstein’s brain!


Summer, and I wish it never cease!


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