A Fangirl’s Reaction for the New Drama ( The Heirs )


Finally the LONG WAIT IS OVER we see the premiere of the most-hyped drama of the year,Heirs: He Who Wears the Crown, Endure Its Weight,


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
The heir of the Jeguk( Empire) Group. He is arrogant and self-centered however he is overshadowed by his older half-brother, Kim Won. He falls in love with Cha Eun-sang despite her poor background.
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun-sang
Daughter of the Jeguk Group’s housekeeper. She grew up with Yoon Chan-young and gets caught in a love triangle with two privileged men, Kim Tan and Choi Young-do.
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young-do
The heir to the Zeus Hotel Group. He has an IQ of 150, but uses his wit to put down and harass his friends rather than to excel in his studies.
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan-young
Son of the Jeguk Group’s secretary. Cha Eun-sang’s best friend who falls in love with Kim Tan’s ex-girlfriend, Lee Bo-na.
  • Kyrstal Jung  as Lee Bo-na
She lives a fabulous lifestyle as the daughter of the CEO of ‘Mega Entertainment’. Her first love and ex-boyfriend, Kim Tan never loved her. Yoon Chan-young heals her heartbreak.
  • Kim Ji Wun  as Rachel Ryu
Kim Tan’s fiancée. A haughty and chic heiress of a RS International(Clothing company), she is a girl who wants for nothing in the world.

A Month ago, when I heard the news about the upcoming drama of Lee Min Ho with Park Shin Hye entitled “The Heirs” so I was so excited to see Lee Min Ho, specially when they revealed it about what the drama is all about. It is set in a high school populated by the privileged and over-rich family. when they revealed it, i was expecting those trendy fashion because only Park Shin Hye or Cha Eun Sang is the only poor in the cast. And last night October 9, 2013 9:55 in Korea and 8:55 here in the Philippines I watched the drama via SBS Live Streaming. 

My reactions while watching the drama is “Kyaaaaaaa” “Ahhhhhh” “waaaaa” its Kim Tan I heard it it he speak it in English!!! and i was shouting and shouting cant help myself but to shout it when I heard Lee Min Ho’s speak in English.

In the since that  Lee Min Ho or (Kim Tan) study abroad which is in the City of California, we were expecting his English speaking so I was booommm get shocked and getting crazy with his English speaking, specially the line “ITS OKAY BABY, SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND”, “I’M TOO LAZY TO CELEBRATE IT”, “HEY JAY I’LL JUST TAKE THE SHOWER” haha 🙂 those Lines captures my attention, and keep falling In love with Kim Tan. 

 Lee Min-ho has had his ups and downs as an actor and romantic lead, I am SO READY to fall in love with him… and moreover, to fall in love with him falling in love.. 

I am looking forward for those coming episode of the Heirs, and i want to extend my Congratulation to the Cast, and to the The Heirs maker’s and those people behind the successful of this drama. 

And here are some of my screen cap. while watching the drama:



And here is the Handwritten of Kim Tan, Falling In Love with his Handwritten 🙂 Ha.Ha.


And when se speak it in English saying “ITS OKAY BABY” 

my favorate line ever in episode 1. 🙂



In the coffee shop, when he first saw Cha Eun Sang.




Besides of getting excited for the story of the drama, I am excited also to heard the Official sound Track. and here it  the first Official Soundtrack by: Lee Hoong Ki.




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