A Fangirl’s Reaction for the New Drama ( The Heirs )


Finally the LONG WAIT IS OVER we see the premiere of the most-hyped drama of the year,Heirs: He Who Wears the Crown, Endure Its Weight,


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
The heir of the Jeguk( Empire) Group. He is arrogant and self-centered however he is overshadowed by his older half-brother, Kim Won. He falls in love with Cha Eun-sang despite her poor background.
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun-sang
Daughter of the Jeguk Group’s housekeeper. She grew up with Yoon Chan-young and gets caught in a love triangle with two privileged men, Kim Tan and Choi Young-do.
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young-do
The heir to the Zeus Hotel Group. He has an IQ of 150, but uses his wit to put down and harass his friends rather than to excel in his studies.
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan-young
Son of the Jeguk Group’s secretary. Cha Eun-sang’s best friend who falls in love with Kim Tan’s ex-girlfriend, Lee Bo-na.
  • Kyrstal Jung  as Lee Bo-na
She lives a fabulous lifestyle as the daughter of the CEO of ‘Mega Entertainment’. Her first love and ex-boyfriend, Kim Tan never loved her. Yoon Chan-young heals her heartbreak.
  • Kim Ji Wun  as Rachel Ryu
Kim Tan’s fiancée. A haughty and chic heiress of a RS International(Clothing company), she is a girl who wants for nothing in the world.

A Month ago, when I heard the news about the upcoming drama of Lee Min Ho with Park Shin Hye entitled “The Heirs” so I was so excited to see Lee Min Ho, specially when they revealed it about what the drama is all about. It is set in a high school populated by the privileged and over-rich family. when they revealed it, i was expecting those trendy fashion because only Park Shin Hye or Cha Eun Sang is the only poor in the cast. And last night October 9, 2013 9:55 in Korea and 8:55 here in the Philippines I watched the drama via SBS Live Streaming. 

My reactions while watching the drama is “Kyaaaaaaa” “Ahhhhhh” “waaaaa” its Kim Tan I heard it it he speak it in English!!! and i was shouting and shouting cant help myself but to shout it when I heard Lee Min Ho’s speak in English.

In the since that  Lee Min Ho or (Kim Tan) study abroad which is in the City of California, we were expecting his English speaking so I was booommm get shocked and getting crazy with his English speaking, specially the line “ITS OKAY BABY, SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND”, “I’M TOO LAZY TO CELEBRATE IT”, “HEY JAY I’LL JUST TAKE THE SHOWER” haha 🙂 those Lines captures my attention, and keep falling In love with Kim Tan. 

 Lee Min-ho has had his ups and downs as an actor and romantic lead, I am SO READY to fall in love with him… and moreover, to fall in love with him falling in love.. 

I am looking forward for those coming episode of the Heirs, and i want to extend my Congratulation to the Cast, and to the The Heirs maker’s and those people behind the successful of this drama. 

And here are some of my screen cap. while watching the drama:



And here is the Handwritten of Kim Tan, Falling In Love with his Handwritten 🙂 Ha.Ha.


And when se speak it in English saying “ITS OKAY BABY” 

my favorate line ever in episode 1. 🙂



In the coffee shop, when he first saw Cha Eun Sang.




Besides of getting excited for the story of the drama, I am excited also to heard the Official sound Track. and here it  the first Official Soundtrack by: Lee Hoong Ki.





Its My Co/Minoz Birthday Today!

She is born with a beautiful face


A Fan Girl who wished to meet her Idol


A Single Mom who is very Lucky to have Pretty Daughter Just like her


Her Daughter is her most important priority!


A Minoz Friend. I believe that PEOPLE SUCCEED IN GROUPS!


A Girlfriend, who wished to be with her Boyfriend Someday, But the man was taken by God!



“Happy birthday to the most amazing woman  that I have ever known,SHE IS KATE VERBAL MOLDE

I met ate Kate in Manila last July,during Lee Min Ho’s My Everything Concert  but I know her through text, call, and even in Social Network Site.  She is truthfully one of the most happy, inspired, zen, generous people I’ve ever known. She is also one of the silliest, most spastic, cheesiest people I’ve ever known. She is doing such incredible things with this life she’s been given, helping people and working so damn hard every single day, I’d be honored to be even a small footnote in the novel of her life.

When I Met Ate Kate i realize that, Its not easy to say to yourself  I DONT HAVE TIME TO MEET NEW PEOPLE OR MAKE NEW FRIENDS”  But Usually THATS NOT TRUE when I met ate KATE!!

And if you can find the time making new friends is tremendously energizing, New friends expand your world by providing entrance to the new interest like “Lee Min Ho”, Opportunities like ” To meet your Idol”, and Activities ” Stalking and Spazzing”

and can be an invaluable source of support and information, and just happiness, you can same role for them, I learned this from the Book THE PROJECT OF HAPPINESS! and while i am reading the book it reminds me of ate Kate!


Ate Kate!A time to make a little yet warm difference to your life, by adding heartfelt wishes to your special day.
May your special day be the beginning of many dreams becoming a reality, In my thoughts and memory You shall remain From your friendship Is much that I’ve gained,I’m sorry I can’t be with you On your special day.

I’m so blessed you’re my Minoz sister And also my best friend! I love you so very much This I just want to say You brighten up my life In so many different ways,Happy Birthday My Lovely Minoz Sister !!

In your special day i have somethinf to give you! I read this from the book!

Here is the 12 commandments to be happy!

1. Be Kate

2. Let it go.

3. Act the way you want to feel

4. Do it now

5. Be polite and be fair

6. Enjoy the process

7. Spend out

8. Identify the problem

9. Lighten up

10. Do what ought to be done

11. No calculation

and lastly, always remember that


Happy Birthday ate Kate! Hope you like it! Hope to see you again soon!



This Movie really captures my attention not because of the character but   because what the story is all about, For me being a single mom I dont even know how to raise my child without having a work, with this Guy Han Joon Soo played by (JANG GEUN SUK) realized me that its not easy to have a child in a young age but he did not give up.

Baby and I is the story of a high school student (Han Joon Su) who is a troublemaker. He always quarrels with his parents and does not obey them. One day his parents are sick of his bad behavior and run away from home. Despite his parents having runaway, he is not embarrassed. Rather he is happy that he is free. He goes shopping for a party with his friends in his empty house. When he buys something and comes back to his cart, there was a baby with a letter: It would be better to have this baby be raised by Joon Su. The baby’s name was written on the letter, Han Woo Ram. From this time, he has no choice but act as the baby’s father. He brings the baby to school and his part time job. Finally, he is suspended from school due to the baby. In addition, he has no money, so he steals powdered formula for the baby. At last, he goes around begging women for milk. Fortunately, his parents come back home and take care of the baby instead of Joon Su. It turned out the baby’s real father was Joon Su’s friend, and the friend was to have his baby adopted. However, Joon Su could not send the baby to another person and Joon Su and his friend raise the baby together.



Favorate scene in the movie, It makes me cry.Through all this, Joon-Soo finds himself slowly becoming attached to the baby.

i love the characters specially jang keun-suk (joon soo) and mason mun (Han Woo-Ram)
it teach me to be more responsible.Now this is what you call a movie! Loved it so much


Simala Church in Cebu City

This is my first visit at Simala church located in Sibonga Cebu, and all i can say is “AWESOME PALACE LIKE CHURCH!”. It really does looks like a palace to me; because of its elegant structure, you would think that it looks like a Vatican church >_< .
Anyway, before i went to Cebu, i was already intrigue with this place. That’s why, i really requested to my mom and my sister to pass here and KABOOM! 🙂
We took a ride on a bus from Cebu city to Sibonga (it took us 1 and 1/2 hour to arrive at the entry point) then we ride a skoter all the way up to this majestic church 🙂 wow! the place is very awesome!


Inside the Simala Church is the different statues of the Virgin Mary which also represent different culture 🙂 . i even saw the Virgin Mary wearing a kimono and looks like a Japanese 🙂


I must say that the structure inside the church is very elegant. The wooden brackets amazed me because of its carved design.The altar and its ceiling is very pretty too. look at that! 🙂 moldings inside the church is carved, the ceiling is beautifully hand painted, and the altar where the Virgin Mary is placed covered with a beautiful case painted in gold.Image

This is my letter to Mama Mary. Hope hose Wishes will be grant.Image

SIMALA SHRINE is worth the travel! 🙂 I’m inviting you this experience, you will never regret the long hours of land trip! 🙂 hence, you’ll adore this place! 🙂


Orleen ^^



This is how i define myself: a collector of Lee Min Ho stuffs or should we call it “my stress re- leaver”.  Everything I’ve spent so far are all worthy! This is me, this is how I live in this world… ONCE A MINOZ, ALWAYS A MINOZ !

So far these are  my growing collection of Lee Min Ho:

  • Star1 Magazine- originally from Korea. I bought it through an online store.
  • Lee Min Ho Calendar 2013- Originally from Korea. Online store.
  • Garage Magazine – Philippine magazine. January 2013 Issue.
  • Sparkling Magazine- A KPOP magazine in the Philippines. February Issue.
  • Philippine News Paper featuring Lee Min Ho.
  • My Benchesetter Ticket- this ticket is one of the very important stuffs I have. This ticket brought me to my once in a lifetime experience with Lee Min Ho; when he visited Philippines last year of November.
  • A personalized tarpaulin with “I LOVE LEE MIN HO “WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES” that was made for the Fan Meet.
  • The BENCH POSTER- This is given by BENCH during the Fan Meet in Araneta.
  • My Everything Album [original copy]- The first single album of Lee Min Ho. Ate Cris one of my Minoz Friend bought this for me all the way from KOREA!
  • The BENCH teaser shirts.
  • The Paper Bag from Bench with Lee Min Ho on it.
  • The Poster form the My Everything Album.
  • LEE MIN HO Photo Book Second Edition- this photobook is given to me by the manager of a Korean Food Stand in the Robinson Tacloban.

Now these are the stuffs that defines ME!!!


JULIAN HOON: A Sudden Death of a fan, a dearly friend, a family.

The early death of this young promising person shocked his Minoz Family. It makes us slip into a depressive mood, it also makes us philosophical making us aware transitory nature of earthly happenings. Though the feeling of attachment does not stay with us for long, it still manages to evoke sensitivity that makes us face to face the reality of our vain pursuits.


I am talking about the death of Julian Eymard Zagada a.k.a JULIAN HOON. A certified Minoz. A 22 year old guy who died last MAy 25, 2013 due to a failure in his  kidney. We  do not accept that  he left among us and in the presence of his family at this very young age.


Anyone turn to forget a fanboy named Julian Hoon. A fan of Lee Min Ho. Seldom resent such men would be proud of being minoz and a fan of Lee Min Ho.


Last November 16, 2012, Lee Min Ho visited the Philippines with the coordination of the best clothing company in the country named BENCH. During his visit, there was an event called THE BENCHSETTER FUN MEET held at the Araneta Coliseum. On the day of the event itself, there was a LOOKALIKE contest which features those fans who looks like Lee Min Ho.  Julian Hoon was one of those selected ones to participate because we can not necessarily just assume that he doesn’t have any similarities with Lee Min Ho, because he has.


He started idolizing Lee Min Ho during the City Hunter, which is also aired in the Philippines. He imitates all the actions, facial expressions and even the pose of Lee Yoon Sung(Lee Min Ho’s character in the tv show).


Ironically some of  the Minoz  have met him already, but me.  I have not even met him in person, though we chat over text, phone call, and video call more often.  I know he’s a good man. He has a big heart. And he is an open-hand person.



Here in the Philippines we have a text clan named MINOZ CLAN PH. Through the clan, Julian and Kate met. And after a month they have developed feelings for each other, should we call it a “MU’ (Mutaual Understaning)? Or a Couple already? Whatever is it between them, I know that they really love each other. We even gave them a love team name. The JUL-KEITH.

There was a time that Julian sent Kate a package. Inside are shirts from BENCH .


Before  Julian sent this package to Kate, she requested that when he sent this to her, she requested him to include even withered petals of a rose, but Julian said: ” SORRY! I AM NOT ROMANTIC.”  He is not a romantic Guy! BUT HE IS A GOOD MAN.

Kate also gave Julian a Polo from BENCH as a gift. In fact his family chose this shirt to wear this in his grave. Image



He always shares his favorites song the UNSTOPPABLE by Son Han Byul.


When he was still alive, he even jested a  request that if he die, he  wanted a song to be tended a his funeral music. That song is SO GOODBYE; a  City Hunter Official Soundtrack.


If man were immortal he could be perfectly sure of seeing the day when everything in which he had trusted should betray his trust and in short of coming eventually to hopeless misery he would break down at last, as every good fortune, as every dynasty, as every civilization, In place of this we have death.


We count it a privilege to have developed a friendship with Julian over the past five months. He shared his stories and dreams with me and he shared his gifts with the world.

Julian, you will be dearly missed!

Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and friendship. We  gain hope knowing that you are with God and that we will see you again in heaven one day. You lived your life for Jesus, and now you can enjoy the presence of God.


His body is at the St Anthony Church Bukid Manila.

Julian’s memorial service will be held on Sunday, June 2,2013 .

Orleen ^^