Simala Church in Cebu City

This is my first visit at Simala church located in Sibonga Cebu, and all i can say is “AWESOME PALACE LIKE CHURCH!”. It really does looks like a palace to me; because of its elegant structure, you would think that it looks like a Vatican church >_< .
Anyway, before i went to Cebu, i was already intrigue with this place. That’s why, i really requested to my mom and my sister to pass here and KABOOM! 🙂
We took a ride on a bus from Cebu city to Sibonga (it took us 1 and 1/2 hour to arrive at the entry point) then we ride a skoter all the way up to this majestic church 🙂 wow! the place is very awesome!


Inside the Simala Church is the different statues of the Virgin Mary which also represent different culture 🙂 . i even saw the Virgin Mary wearing a kimono and looks like a Japanese 🙂


I must say that the structure inside the church is very elegant. The wooden brackets amazed me because of its carved design.The altar and its ceiling is very pretty too. look at that! 🙂 moldings inside the church is carved, the ceiling is beautifully hand painted, and the altar where the Virgin Mary is placed covered with a beautiful case painted in gold.Image

This is my letter to Mama Mary. Hope hose Wishes will be grant.Image

SIMALA SHRINE is worth the travel! 🙂 I’m inviting you this experience, you will never regret the long hours of land trip! 🙂 hence, you’ll adore this place! 🙂


Orleen ^^